Sabotaging Internet for benefit of smart

A computer, and especially hosting services (which often run Linux), are powerful communication and broadcasting systems into today’s world. If you control and have unfettered access to such systems, you basically control the world. Encryption is only as strong as its endpoints. eg if you’re running a very secure protocol on a system with a compromised OS, you’re owned. Be it Windows, Apple, Andriod, Symbian, Linux, BSD, or any other. Keep in mind how Linux is almost entirely engineered by the government / military affiliated Red Hat corporation.

Self-development at cost of patients!

Last Nov in 2013, my wife fractured her ankle in a minor fall. We went to Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon (one of the Top Hospitals in Delhi-NCR) and got her examined by Dr Attique Vasudev, who unhesitatingly recommended surgical insertion of a plate with screws to repair the fracture... That's purely Doctors on Looting Spree - self-development at cost of poor patients!