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As a web consultant, I plan, design, develop, host, promote and deliver user friendly, successful, accessibile, clean and creative web solutions for social or business purposes.

Web Solutions and Services Delivered are: 1. Web Development and Security Audits, 2. Web Design, 3. Server Setup / Maintenance, 4. Web Hosting / VPS Server Consulting, 5. Mobile Applications - iPhone/Android, 6. Web Marketing Solutions, 7. CMS / Portal Development, 8. E-Commerce Sites, 9. Corporate Blogging / Social Media PR, 10. Content Writing and Online Press Services, 11. Managing PPC / Online Ad Campaigns, 12. Free services to non-profits, activists and social web, 13. Other related Internet services

Currently serving as Web Consultant with Solution Point - a small tech-savvy new media agency, taking-on web challenges from/of all sizes. Provides Internet Communication Solutions with many collective years experience of working on both large and small web development projects... Specialties: Web Marketing Consultancy, Digital Advertising, Community Portals, Web Applications, Real Estate Marketing, Support for NGO & Non-Profit, Drupal, Joomla, CiviCRM, CMS, Web Server Setup and Maintenance, Networking, Media Planning, Copy-writing, PR Editing, Ad Design, Business Website Design, Web Development, Managing Online Campaigns viz. PPC, SEM, Open Source, CRM, Internet Branding & On-line Promotional activities for all kinds of industries and organizations.

The tweets, messages and posts I share on world wide web, especially, are never unkind or vindictive by design - they are a reflection of change experiences - good and bad. Apologies if my writings are hurting anyone in anyway. I remain proud to be a part of change since many years and always open to comments or corrections. I am NOT doing this for profit or appreciation. For profit, I focus on activities mentioned in last para.

The Internet is a beautiful thing. As web developers, designers and enthusiasts, it's our responsibility to make the web better: more functional, more intuitive, more open and even more beautiful. I am an Open Source enthusiast. Write to

Comment of the Day: "We are born, educated, exposed and positioned to further right human causes; not to fool, loot, suck for wealth, spread hater and shoot fellow humans. The corrupt insects & cronie worshipers not only are jealous and furious of the non-corrupt minority fighting them, they would love all be terminated. Then freely slow poison, sell dreams, bribe and enslave the remaining spectators of social-abuse (humans in rat-race) for a few more decades."