Here is one more interesting tale from the album of Panchatantra. Once, there lived a pious Brahmin in a small village, by the name of Mitra Sharma. He used to perform religious rituals. On one occasion, he was rewarded with a goat for his services by a wealthy man. The Brahmin was happy to get a goat as the reward. He happily slung the goat over his shoulder and began the journey towards his home. On the way, three cheats (Thugs) saw the Brahmin taking the goat. All of them were lazy and... more
Why I am a Hindu without following any brand of Godman, Guru or Baba?
Internet Rumors: भारत के 3 दिन के दौरे के बाद ओबामा फाइनली सऊदी अरब चले … means... "ओबामा गया तेल लेने" :))
The 4 pees are still taught to keep the bunch of future consumers or advisors engaged and excited. Time to market anything online - easy e-commerce hype for who else? Prince and princess management student newbies wearing masks of dormitory reformers are now-a-days propping startups to sell everything via e-commerce route pumped by the venture capitalist uncles.